Toasters “One More Bullet”

Album Reviews | May 9th, 2007

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Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Ska
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Its The Toasters 25th anniversary this year and to help celebrate that; the band has finally released a new album! The album is called “One More Bullet” and it’s on Stomp Records. Last album it was on Mike Park’s Asian Man Records. I’m glad to see the band never go on a major label and stick to their indie roots. The Toasters seem to go thru band members like water and “One More Bullet” is no exception. Rob “Bucket Hingley” is the only original member left in the band. This time around, Greg Robinson of Mephiskapheles plays trombone on most of the tracks, Jason Nwagbaraocha from the Strangeways plays bass & sings, Dan “Duckie” Garrido plays drums (also from the Strangeways), Jeff Richey is on sax (formerly of Rathskeller) and on & off again Toasters member Dave Barry provides the keys on the album. There’s a few guest musicians as well but no sense giving you a full list of members that play on this album (Even though I just did. Shut up, it’s my review haha). The band size seems the smallest it’s been in awhile. The Toasters usually have a lot of people in the band but if the Toasters signature sound is still there, who cares how many people are in the band.

The Toasters’ newest album was recorded in Spain, where Bucket lives I believe. I’m sure the band members that don’t live there loved recording the album there. The first track on the new album is “What a Gwan,” and it’s mostly sung by Jason N. At first I didn’t like the track as much but once I listened to it more, I liked it a lot. The second track is called “Night Train to Moscow” and it’s a great song, except the parts where there’s an old-time radio microphone effect in it. I just hate when bands use that. I’m not sure where Jason Nwagbaraocha ranks among the singers of the Toasters but the fact that he plays an instrument must sit well with Bucket. It always seemed like the other singers sang one song and then just danced around the rest of the set. His vocal style is okay but I still think Coolie Ranx is my favorite Toasters singer. The band redid “Run Rudy Run” again and I still love the song. I always love when the band plays that song live. The Toasters have some covers on “One More Bullet” and this time they cover some oldies. The first track they cover is “Bits and Pieces” by the Dave Clark Five and the next one is “When Will I Be Loved” by the Everly Brothers. I liked how the Toasters covered them but I still prefer the original songs. I thought this album had its moments but in the end, I think I’ll end up listening to the Toasters older material first. Although, I am looking forward to seeing the band perform some of these songs at the Warped Tour this summer.

Bottom Line: “One More Bullet” has some good tracks on it but I still prefer the earlier albums of the Toasters
Notable Tracks: What a Gwan, Run Rudy Run Redux, You’re Gonna Pay, When Will I Be Loved
Overall Rating: