Toys That Kill “Flys EP”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Asian Man Records
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Toys That Kill had 2 full length on their own Recess Records, and the band consist of former members of FYP. This type of band sounds like something TKO Records would release so it’s surprising to see Asian Man expand their horizons even further. The label has every genre you can think of haha. There is only four tracks from Toys that Kill so it’s kind of hard to judge their music based on 4 tracks. The songs on here are “Brain Attracts Flies” “Brave Kids Jump” “I Am The Fly” and “Blake St. Valentine.” If I was them, I would have named every track with fly in the title. The band has a raw punky sound that people will dig.

Bottom Line: Try finding some audio samples online of the band to see if you like it, before you buy this EP.
Notable Tracks: “Brave Kids Jump” “Blake St. Valentine”
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