Trevor Jones “The Dark Crystal”

Album Reviews | Aug 16th, 2007

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Record Label: LaLaLand Records
Genre: Film Score
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If there is one movie that freaks me out, it has to be the Dark Crystal! Ever since I was a kid, this movie scared the living crap out of me. I don’t even know if I actually finished watching this movie because Jim Henson’s puppets were unbelievable frightening. At the age of 29, I’m still kind of freaked out by the Dark Crystal. Now it’s the movie’s 25th anniversary and the movie and the films score are getting special edition treatment.

One thing I could always tolerate from the Dark Crystal was the film score by British film composer Trevor Jones. I think this was the score that put Jones on the map, but some would probably say the score to Excalibur was the one. It’s a good score but the movie mostly uses O Fortuna the entire time. Then he went out to compose movies like Labyrinth, Last of the Mohicans (with Randy Edelman), Mississippi Burning, Thirteen Days, Merlin and many more. By far the best score he’s ever written has to be the score to The Last of the Mohicans. That’s the score most film score fans, like myself, know him from. The Dark Crystal is very good as well and it’s sound a lot better on this 25th anniversary edition CD. I’m not even sure if this score has been officially released on CD until now? It might have been only released on record, since the score came out around 1982? The music is haunting, epic, and just sounds so much better on this special edition CD. What I think Jones does perfectly with the Dark Crystal score is compose something that emulates that old Hollywood sound. I think my favorite part of the score is the flutes and Celtic-sounding instruments. You can hear some of those instruments in the song “The Pod Dance.” I can believe it has been 25 years since the Dark Crystal came out, but if you can withstand some scary puppets and beautiful music, than be sure to get the film score and new DVD of the movie.

Bottom Line: If you enjoyed the score to the Dark Crystal, its a no brainer that you need to get this album.
Notable Tracks: The Dark Crystal Overture, The Funerals/Jen’s Journey, The Pod Dance
Overall Rating: