Turbo A.C’s – “Kill Everyone”

Album Reviews | Nov 29th, 2011

Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Rock and Roll
Band Link: www.turboacs.com
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The Turbo A.C.’s rock and roll sound may be liked by some but I’m not sure if I do. Their sound is similar to bands like Murder City Devils, New Bomb Turks and Electric Frankenstein. I’m not sure what it is, but I just never liked this style of rock and roll.

The album starts off with the sounds of someone woman drowning, which is just so pleasant to hear. “Feed You To The Sharks” is all right but “Into the Vortex” sounded much better. The song didn’t sound so clunky and messy. That’s the problem with this genre, in that the music sounds too distorted, obnoxious and makes my head hurt. That last sentence sums up this album for me. People will dig this, I didn’t.

Bottom Line: Loud rock that gives me headaches.
Notable Tracks: Into The Vortex, Black Lipstick
Overall Rating:


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