Unit F – “American Shutdown”

Album Reviews | May 18th, 2010

Record Label: Finger Records
Genre: Political Punk
Band Link: www.myspace.com/unitf
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Not to be confused with F-Units, Unit F plays well intentioned but generic, Bush-era political punk. Unfortunately, the songwriting isn’t catchy; the music – with only a couple of exceptions (“Without Reason,” “Haunted Kitty”) – is just basic, straight-up accompaniment to the lyrics.

The lyrics themselves are the usual punky call-to-arms against government oppression and conspiracy. They’re not too bad, though, and have a touch of dark humor. The problem is that they’re delivered constantly (it feels like there is rarely a few seconds without vocals) and awkwardly, as if the singer can’t flow the words fast or smoothly enough.

While I hoped for fist-pumping, blood-boiling, message-filled fun, the mix of dull songwriting and the somewhat sputtered lyrics makes for an uncomfortable listen.

Bottom Line: Simplistic music gives the lyrics an unpleasantly shrill and paranoid edge.
Overall Rating:


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