Used Alien Mind “The Placement Aside”

Album Reviews | Aug 8th, 2007

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Record Label: Zonked Records
Genre: Indie/Ambient
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Eclectic-but-lengthy sci-fi tinted soundscapes is not an easy thing to pull off, but Used Alien Mind figured it out. The music – which ranges from whisperingly soft lo-fi to clangy art-funk to space-jazz to trip hop is all pleasantly warm and accessible.

Of course, you need the patience for it first. If you wanna be ROCKIN LIKE DOKKEN, stay far, far away. This is late-late-night music, when the party’s winding down and only the drunk-back-sober diehards remain, staring hazily down into the bottom of a pipe and into dreaded morning.

Used Alien Mind is hardly well-known, but they’re a real standout in combining various styles with ambient. I have no idea where this music is trying to take us, but I’m enjoying the trip.

Bottom Line:
Notable Tracks: The indie Your Sad Eyes, the trip hop/dubby Soul Hit One Time
Overall Rating: