Various Artists – “The Path To True Independence”

Album Reviews | Apr 4th, 2007

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Record Label: Forest Records
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10-track comp featuring thrashy anarcho-crust from Japan. The bands featured are Beyond Description, Asbestos, Totsugekisensya, and Destruction.

Beyond Description are cool as hell. Their tunes are under two minutes long, but while hard-edged, they’re actually midtempo and song-minded. The guitars and bass have an Iron Maiden riffing sound – they could actually be a cool metal band if the vox weren’t as gruff and hardcore-ish.

Asbestos slow things down with a 7-minute pile of crap that begins with a woman calmly talking in Japanese. That goes on for awhile. Then the hardcore punk kicks in – incompetent, long and sludgy with poor attempts at solo-ing.

Totsu continue the downward spiral with very poor thrashy hardcore/crust-punk, terrible production, and bad throaty vox, even for this genre. Luckily their four tunes are a minute each, but even that felt long.

Destruction end the comp on a high note with some competent playing and interesting changes, breakdowns, and structure. The comp is something of a shit sandwich. Beyond Description and Destruction are worthwhile, but there sure is a lot of crap in-between.

Bottom Line: Mediocre crust comp from Japan.
Notable Tracks: BD’s Against and Enemy, Destruction’s Workers
Overall Rating: