Various Artists- “Caribbean Gospel Book Three”

Album Reviews | Apr 8th, 2010

Genre: Reggae/Religious
Record Label:VP Records

Reggae has always been surrounded by very spiritual artists, and with this new record, Spiritual and Religious people will particularly gravitate toward “Caribbean Gospel: Book Three.” Featuring Sanchez, George Banton, Marlon “Bro Paul” Anderson on this spiritual compilation by VP Records, religious reggae fans will be very happy with this purchase.

“Caribbean Gospel” features religious songs, both new and old, by some of Reggae’s spiritual leaders. For someone who is not at all religious, I even knew a few of the songs on this compilation. I didn’t think I would like this record but I found myself humming along and bopping my head to the songs. Overly religious music are not my cup of tea, and while I love reggae, I don’t relate well to the Super-Spiritual tracks. Fans of Religious Reggae music will grow quite fond of this compilation though.

Bottom Line: Spiritual people will enjoy this, and it’s not my thing, but some will appreciate this CD.
Notable Artists: Sanchez, George Banton, Marvia Providence


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