Various Artists “Chemical Imbalance”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Moon Ska’s newest theme compilation Global Ska Sampler. I’m not really impressed because there’s lots of songs which appear on albums of their resprentative bands. If I had a CD burner, I could do a compilation like that. The only thing I can see which is good is for people to get a good look at bands they might not usually look at to buy. I guess I’m spoiled since I have over 250 ska cds and I can listen to these bands seperately. I was also surprise to see the newer version of the Porkers song “Chemical Imbalance” since it’s a new release in Austrialia. I have it, it’s awesome. Anyways, Other good songs include one of my favorite songs on the album “Summertime (Live)” Germany’s The Busters. Other great tunes from bands like The Toasters, Rude Bones, Mr. Review, Dr. Ring Ding and the Senior AllStars, and Mark Foggo’s Skasters. Also secret hidden track Buster Bloodvessel and Skaos doing a live version of “Sally Brown.”

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