Various Artists – “Do The Dog: Ska-A-Go-Go! Vol. 3”

Album Reviews | Feb 2nd, 2021

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Record Label: Do The Dog Music
Genre: Ska/Reggae
Band Link: Do The Dog Music on Bandcamp

Presented by the Do The Dog Skazine, “Ska-A-Go-Go! Vol. 3” is a global collection of the latest ska, reggae, ska punk, trad-ska, two-tone bands and everything in between.

Clocking in at a whopping 47 tracks (!), this compilation has anything and everything a ska fan could ever want in a comp. There’s new music in the form of a remix by Zen Baseballbat, recent tracks from Catbite, the Planet Smashers, the Bruce Lee Band and Omnigone and amazing tracks by bands such as the Abruptors, the Pomps, Rebelation, Beer Beer Orchestra, Cartoon Violence and the Rude Monkey Bones.

There are just so many great bands on this compilation both new and old, both previously heard of and recently introduced to. Some of my favorite new to me tracks have to be “Unlove You” by Barbicide…which sounds like it belongs on one of the mid-90s “Hey Brother” comps and I mean that in a good way, the upbeat skanker “Karma Comedown” by the Liptones, the Selector-inspired track “Pushed Away” by Spy Kids, the goofy ska punk flavor of “Es Ploded!” by GoGo13 and the dub-y reggae track “Chelsea” by Rudesix. Top that off with the aforementioned tracks by the Planet Smashers, Bruce Lee Band, the Pomps, Cartoon Violence, the Bakesys and Zen Baseballbat and this is one hell of a collection of current vibes from the ska community and a statement of exactly how alive and well whatever this wave of ska music is considered.

Some may think that 47 songs is a lot to take in but it’s a compilation and a showcase of bands. The more bands, the more there is to discover in regards to your own personal taste and there is something for everyone on here…two-tone, reggae, rocksteady, ska punk, crust ska, suburban reggae, traditional ska and reggae…you name it, you probably got it.

Bottom Line: Lots of tracks, lots of genres, lots of ska…what more could you ask for?
Notable Tracks: Zen Baseballbat-Brown Cows of Elocution (Remix), GoGo13-Es Ploded!, Bruce Lee Band-Still Down For Tomorrow, The Pomps-Autopsy, Catbite-Scratch Me Up, The Planet Smashers-Break My Neck (A Love Song), Barbicide-Unlove You, The Liptones-Karma Comedown, Rudesix-Chelsea, Spy Kids-Pushed Away, The Bakesys-Golden Brown Slice of Toast, Omnigone-Swallow Poison
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