Various Artists “Dub Your Brains Out”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Victory World
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I’ll start right off and say that I don’t like dub. I think it’s boring, and too trippy for me. I just like all the rest of the roots reggae, rocksteady, dancehall stuff but I never got into dub. There’s a lot of great reggae artist that dub it up on this Cd. Bunny Wailer, Culture, Black Uhuru, and Luciano are just a few. These tracks would be great in a movie or as sound beds for DJs to talk over for their radio shows. I guess it depends on what mood on I’m when listening to this. It’s basically like classical reggae and I’m an extremely huge fan of both genres so.

Bottom Line: I wouldn’t get this but Dub fans might
Notable Tracks: Bunny Wailer’s “Battering Down Dub” Augustus Pablo’s “Omega Africa” Sizzla and Ninjaman’s “Look Who Is Laughing Dub”
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