Various Artists “Equal Vision Records Label Sampler 50th Edition”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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This is one of the best comps. I have bought recently. It is not all hardcore, not all emo, not all punk, but all mixed together. Some of the songs that stick out were the first track “Shoulder to the Wheel” Saves the Day, this one stuck out because he is talking about rocking out to Queen and who hasn’t. The next track to make it a good comp. was “Can We Start Again” Bane, this is true to the hardcore scene, he is talking about it becoming “the same mindless clique’s, the same high school shit.” It is a good song musically too and a special guest vocal a woman with an awesome voice. H2O has there song “I Know Why” on here but it is the version from the 7inch cleverly titled “seven inch,” while not there best work they were much more raw in this so in my opinion it is not to bad of a song. Although, not all tracks are great there aren’t many bad ones, if you like a few of the bands, pick it up, it was only 4 bucks i think 24 track what is wrong with that?

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