Various Artists – “Rudies All Around Vol. 2”

Album Reviews | Feb 2nd, 2021

Image used with permission for review purposes.

Record Label: Happy People Records
Genre: Ska/Reggae/Rocksteady
Band Link: London International Ska Festival on Bandcamp

“Rudies All Around Vol. 2” is a fundraiser release for the London International Ska Festival and showcases international ska, reggae and rocksteady bands among others.

The obvious goal of this compilation is to raise money in support of the London International Ska Festival but it’s also there to bring attention to some relatively unknown international bands. While the comp has its fair share of US and UK bands, bands from Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Hong Kong are also represented.

There were a few bands that I recognized from the get-go like the Badasonics and the Phoenix City All-Stars but most of the bands were unknown to me and were a welcome surprise to be introduced to. There were a few recognizable cover songs recorded such as an instrumental version of “Under My Thumb” and a skinhead reggae version of the Ramones “Bonzo Goes To Bitburg” but the comp is mostly original tracks from some really great bands.

Purchasing this compilation not only goes towards an important cause in the ska community but it will also introduce you to a few bands that you’re going to love.

Bottom Line: A great comp for a great cause but one that’s a little too short and could have showcased more bands. Like comps of old…stretch that run time to the max!
Notable Tracks: Boss Melody-Bonzo Goes To Bitburg, Mr. Kingpin-Cards on the Table, Screaming Target-Mind of My Own, The Piseogs-Don’t Grow Up
Overall Rating:


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