Various Artists “Ska Crazy”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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This is a CD that I just bought this weekend and I didn’t know if it was an old or new CD or not but it pretty good. The CD consists of all the 2 tone bands except they don’t have The Specials and Body Snatchers on here. It’s a two disc CD that only costs 13 bucks so I had to get it. Disc one starts off “On my Radio” by the Selector which ( for right now) is my favorite selector song but I haven’t heard much from them. The Beat a.k.a “International Beat” have a live track of “Mirror In the Bathroom” plus Bad Manners has some good live songs on here. Other songs that I liked were Ska Boom’s Long Shot Kick De Bucket”(I think this a Prince Buster cover).I liked a couple of songs from Ska-Dows like ” Yes Yes Yes” “Ska’d 4 Life.” “Three Minute Hero” by the Selector is another good song. Well, this is a good two tone cd so pick it up. B

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