Various Artists “Ska: The Third Wave Vol. One”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Beloved Recordings
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This was my first ska CD that I liked and actually heard. Mephiskapheles “Doomsday” just got me hooked into ska. I like mostly every song on here but there is some I can live without. Songs that I love on this Cd are “Too Stupid” Mustard Plug, “William Shatner” The Scofflaws, “Stuff” MU330, and “Night Before.” I think the best song on here is “Dub 56 remix” and it’s all sung Mr. Coolie Ranx toasting his brains out. He sings so fast on that song and I definately like that remix better than the one when Bucket sings on it. The Insteps song “Shotgun Jimmy” is a good song but I think it was making fun a Toasters song or was made out to be a joke. This is the reissue of the Ska: The Third Wave and they added some more tracks to this like C.P.D’s “Don Quixote,” The RythOMatics do “Miami Skaline,” Undercover S.K.A do “My Girl Becomes a Dude” and Buford O Sullivan does “I Gotta Do It.” Overall, I think is one of the best third wave ska comps ever.

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