Versailles – “Broken Dolls”

Album Reviews | Feb 28th, 2010

Record Label: Evileye Records
Genre: Goth
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Melancholy lyrics and gothy image aside, the music isn’t quite goth or darkwave; it’s more like moody, piano-heavy pop in a singer/songwriter vein. If you like Tori Amos-style singer/songwriter music, there’s a lot of somber material here about childhood pain and broken relationships. It’s delivered competently if (for my tastes) overdone with piano-and-strings mawkishness.

There are a couple of surprises: “10%” and “Run Away” have an upbeat, 80s synthy sound that I dig; a cover of Janes Addiction’s “Jane Says” won’t replace the original, but it’s a nice tip of the cap to an underrated depressing song.

Bottom Line: Not quite goth, but you can still cut yourself to it.
Notable Tracks: Fade, 10%, Mars
Overall Rating:


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