Weatherbox “American Art”

Album Reviews | Aug 11th, 2007

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Record Label: Doghouse Records
Genre: Indie/Art Rock
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At first, I thought that Weatherbox was an emo band. Then I thought that they were a pop band. Then I thought that they were and indie/art rock band. I decided to settle on the last one.

Most of Weatherbox’s songs are strictly guitar driven and are heavily laden with hook after hook after hook. Most of the songs are listenable but the overuse of extreme hookage gave me a slight migraine on a few occasions. A few songs are reminiscent of having an anxiety attack (i.e. “A Flock of Weatherboxes). That song has a jumpy beat to it and the guitar grinds irritatingly in the background with the same riff over and over until the schizophrenic drum beat kicks in. I felt like it was an NES seizure all over again.

I think that pretty much sums up Weatherbox and “American Art”. I found a lot of the songs listenable…well most parts of them, but the overall sound of the band makes me jittery and I just want to turn it off.

Bottom Line: If you like your music lacking direction, check this album out.
Notable Tracks: Atoms Smash, Moments Before the Smashing of the Future Ryan (What can I say? I like songs about smashing.)
Overall Rating: