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Album Reviews | Jul 7th, 2007

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Record Label: Equal Vision
Genre: Hip Hop
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The trend among punk rockers in 2004 was the solo acoustic album. Now, in 2005, it’s the solo electronica album. Josh from Coheed & Cambria takes it a step further and made a hip hop album.

Kind of hard to review this. In terms of hip hop, it’s not that interesting, and I’m disappointed that a prog rock drummer couldn’t develop more creative backgrounds, beats, and rhyme patterns.

On the other hand, it’s impressive for what it is – namely, a hip hop album from the dude from Coheed & Cambria. What it comes down to, though, are lyrics, and though they’re delivered angrily and seriously, I don’t know if he really has anything to say.

Bottom Line: An odd hip hop album from C&C (Music Factory?)
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