Weird Al Yankovic – “The Essential Weird Al Yankovic”

Album Reviews | Mar 14th, 2010

Record Label: Sony Legacy
Genre: Comedy
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The Essential “Weird Al” Yankovic is a 2 disc compilation that came out back in October but I’m just getting around to reviewing it now. Everyone should know the music of Weird Al, whether you like his music or not. His parodies on classic songs are either genius or really stupid. Weird Al is hit or miss with me personally; his earliest songs from the 80s and even in the early 90s were hilarious. I don’t really care for his later work though.

The best part about Weird Al’s music isn’t necessarily the songs but his videos. His best parodies are without a doubt the ones where he spoofs Michael Jackson. “Eat It” and “Fat” songs/music videos are my favorite. I still use “Fat” music video quotes to this day. “Yo Ding Dong…” Included on the first disc: “Dare to Be Stupid,” “UHF,” “Smells like Nirvana,” “Jurassic Park,” and “Yoda.” The second disc you have tracks like: “Amish Paradise,” “Gump,” “The Saga Begins” and loads of newer songs stuff like “Canadian Idiot,” “eBay” and “It’s All About the Pentiums.” The problem with this album is I don’t know all these songs so I found myself skipping a lot of them. But I did find some songs funny that I never heard before. If you enjoy Weird Al Yankovoic’s music, this would be a cool compilation to own. You just might want to keep it to yourself that you own Weird Al music.

Bottom Line: Weird Al has quite the impressive collection of parodies
Notable Tracks: Eat It, Dare to be Stupid, Smells Like Nirvana, Amish Paradise, Gump
Overall Rating:


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