Wellingtons “For Friends In Far Away Places”

Album Reviews | Jul 14th, 2007

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Record Label: Popboomerang Records
Genre: Power Pop
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Sunny, wholesome power pop from Australia. Occasional female vox add to the cuteness, and the boppy, feel-good quality will make you smile. Or kill people.

Their sound is somewhere between power pop and pop-punk, but having one foot in each has a diluting effect. Their thickly distorted, punky guitar sound and trashy cymbal sound of the drums create a cloud that makes it hard for the melodies to push through and get their hooks into you. As a result, although all of the songs are good, only the tunes with strong riffs remain memorable. They’re a little Weezerish in that regard.

With a cleaner, crisper sound, they would absolutely excel at power pop. I don’t think pop-punk suits them, mainly because of the vox and songwriting, but if that’s their direction, a faster pace and catchier riffs and vocal lines would be necessary for success.

This is a great band, don’t get me wrong, but they could be far greater if they turned down the distortion and embraced the pop.

Bottom Line:
Notable Tracks: Singer In A Cover Band, Girls In Magazines, Goodbye Heartbreaker, Doin It With You
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