Whatever It Takes “A Fistful of Revolution/Stars & Skulls”

Album Reviews | Jul 18th, 2007

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Record Label: A-F Records
Genre: Punk
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Fronted by Anti-Flag’s bassist Chris #2, the music here isn’t exactly what you’d expect. This isn’t loud, fast, obnoxious punk with an overly political message; it’s more of a thoughtful midtempo sound with personal lyrics (but still firmly entrenched in punk; they don’t come close to toeing the emo line).

The musicianship has its cool moments – the guitar playing by Chris #2 is surprisingly intricate and clever for a punk bassist – but is otherwise sloppy. Tempos change within songs as if consistency is an afterthought, and the drumming seems to be doing its own thing half the time. Chris #2’s vocals aren’t as impressive as his guitar playing, but they do fit the music well enough.

There’s not much to differentiate the songs, but none of them sound bad, either. This is a big CD that includes an out-of-print EP, so it might be worth checking out if you’re into decent snotty punk.

Bottom Line: Midtempo but punky solo album from Anti-Flag alum.
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