Willycranes “Gone Fighting”

Album Reviews | Apr 6th, 2007

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Record Label: Punk Spark
Genre: Punk
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With songs like “Go Baby Go,” “Nicoteen,” “Sex Drugs & Rock N Roll” and “Psychobitch from Hell,” I was expecting some very, very cliched and sleazy punk n’ roll.

Instead, the Willycranes really rock it out without leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Yeah, they’re simple, but the songs are damn good – quick, catchy, high-octane, and fun. And there’s no pretense or polish here; when the singer yells, with his voice going out, “I’m on fire!!” you really believe it.

I don’t know where they’re from, but that might be a part of their appealing sincerity. Rather than being a glammy or gearhead band from LA or NYC with a gritty, sleazy strut, there’s something midwestern about their average/straight-up rock feel. Not that they’re bland; it’s just that they’re not trying to be cooler-than-thou.

Not every song is a keeper but they’re all a good time and “Fireworks” alone is worth checking out the band.

Bottom Line:
Notable Tracks: Fireworks, The Man, My Religion
Overall Rating: