You Will Die “S/T”

Album Reviews | Jun 3rd, 2007

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Record Label: Hawthorne Street
Genre: Metalcore
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The problem with me, besides the whole cheese-gives-me-gas thing, is that I contradict myself all the time. Wait, no I don’t! Actually, yeah, I do. One way in which I do that is by saying that metalcore vocals ruin metalcore.

So, You Will Die, who I think got their name from a Judy Garland song, answered my prayers and put out a killer metalcore album without vocals. But while the music is good, it really does feel like something’s missing. Even though they’re a little proggy, they’re not proggy enough, and the songs still seem to have a verse-chorus structure, with places that certainly could use someone shouting his nuts off.

You Will Die, I give you permission to find a singer. I might then decide you suck, but at least you won’t sound incomplete.

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