South Park: The Complete Fifteenth Season

Blu-Ray Reviews | Mar 29th, 2012

Starring: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Created By: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Studio: Paramount / Comedy Central
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Another hilarious South Park season is available on DVD and Blu-Ray! This season has a variety of things ranging from HumancentiPads to “bro downs” on Broadway. This season is beyond silly and funny, just like any season from South Park!

The opening episode is about Apple’s user agreement that people just glance over (myself included). When it fact Steve Jobs and Apple turned people into a humancentiPad because that’s what is written in the terms. It’s a brilliant take on Apple, not reading those pesky terms & agreements; sadly it was a little bit before Jobs passed away. I’m sure he got a chuckle out of it though. South Park has episodes that are topical (Royal Wedding, WikiLeaks, Border patrols, Occupy Wall Street) and then there are episodes that just plain silly (Broadway Bro Down, Real meaning behind Thanksgiving, and Butters being misdiagnosed for multiple personality disorder). Season 15 is a very well balanced season.

I personally loved the HumancentiPad episode, as well as the spoof on the Royal Wedding, Broadway Bro Down, and course Occupy Wall Street. Matt and Trey usually give their thoughts or spins on topics in current events. Their spoof on the royal wedding was particularly hilarious; I really liked the Canadian coverage as the wedding was happening. The 1% episode doesn’t really say much about the actual Occupy stuff per say, but they definitely poke fun at some of it. I actually thought one of the strongest episodes of the season was something they are familiar with, broadway. If guys go to Broadway shows with their wives, they will hear subliminal messages that makes women give them blowjobs. That episode was definitely a highlight for me. Some episodes aren’t as good as the ones mentioned above, but there is always something to take away from those episodes. Either it’s a joke, scene, or particularly line that I still like but the overall episode might not be good. But overall, this season was still really good.

The Blu-Ray extras are excellent, because this time they include the documentary 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park, behind the scenes of the City Sushi, some funny deleted scenes, and of course the mini-commentaries. The mini-commentaries were enlightening even though they only talk for few minutes each episode. These are some of the few commentaries I actually listen to, mainly because they are mini-ones. 6 Days To Air aired on Comedy Central and it was finally awesome to see the process of them making an episode. Who knew Bill Hader was a producer and writer on the show?! Seeing those 3 guys trying to come up with jokes and ideas is great and I could watch that all the time. You really see how stressful it is to make the show, especially since they pull it out of their asses each week. You also see how fun the show is to make; especially when Matt and Trey have to do the dialogue. That’s just as funny as the show itself! I also notice how much junk food they eat! I highly recommend watching that if you are a fan of the show.

Season 15 has some gems and some episodes we’ll be talking about for awhile. There’s also some eh type of episodes, but we get those every season. The Blu-Ray is obviously the better option for purchase. The episodes’ quality looks amazing!

6 Days To Air: The Making Of South Park
6 Days To Air: Behind The Scenes of City Sushi
Mini Commentaries By The Creators Of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, On All Episodes
Deleted Scenes

Widescreen 1.78:1 Color

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ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1
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ENGLISH: Dolby TrueHD 5.1


Bottom Line: I can’t remember the last time South Park had a crappy season
Running Time: 308 mins
Rating: NR
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