South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season

Blu-Ray Reviews | Apr 29th, 2011

Starring: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Written By: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Directed By: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Studio: Paramount / Comedy Central
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South Park has it’s fair share of drama and controversy, but nothing compares to this season. On top of getting highly censored from Comedy Central for trying to show the prophet Mohammad (again might I add), they also got numerous death threats about it as well. Now that’s what I call a good season! Too bad Comedy Central continues to censor Matt and Trey and annoy their fan base.

The 14th season of South Park begins with a spoof of the Tiger Woods debacle. The kids are playing a Street Fighter-ish version of what happened to Tiger Woods and his wife. In the meantime, scientists decide that sex addiction is becoming a huge problem in the country. The result, Butters, Kenny and Kyle are qualified as “sex addicts.” After that, the kids of South Park write the filthiest, most controversial book but blame the book on Butters, who becomes famous after that. Other episodes early on in the season include Randy Marsh giving his balls cancer so he can smoke marijuana, Facebook mania hits South Park, and the much talked about two part 200 & 201 episodes where all the people that South Park offended over the years come back to sue the town. The later half of the season saw Cartman trying to be a stupid Nascar racer, New Jersey was invading the United States, hoarding becomes a problem for Stan, and a 3 part series of the wanna-be superheros Coon & friends.

This season was very strong for South Park, like usual. Every time there’s news stories or pop culture stuff going around, I’m always interested in hearing what Matt and Trey have to say about it. We get to see what they thought about Tiger Woods, Facebook, BP, Nascar, the Food Network, Inception and other things. What we don’t really figure out is what they think about censorship and certain religions because we didn’t get to hear it in the commentary. Comedy Central felt the need to bleep out episode 201, making it unwatchable. The audio commentary is exactly the same way and I simply couldn’t listen to bleeps for 5 minutes straight. It’s a fucking disgrace honestly. I get it that they fear for the lives of Matt & Trey, but the wanna-be terrorists are in jail now and most likely nothing would have come of this anyway. Let us hear what they had to say. Censoring Mohammad is just retarded because they already showed what they think he looks like in an earlier season. Remember? I think episode 201 was the lowpoint of series and of Comedy Central as well. There were other ways around this because censorship.

But with all that out of the way, the rest of the season was hilarious! The Jersey episode was probably my favorite of the season. Seeing Snooki look like Snarf from Thundercats and Gollum was just perfect. The Facebook episode was perfect as well, and the last episode was great. That was the Food Network episode, and all the food porn that has been going around TV lately. I had to crack up at their portrayal of Giada and her bouncing breasts. That episode always makes fun of too-easy-to-make-fun-of Shake Weight. The Inception spoof was pretty funny as well, and they admit in the commentary that they fucked up with accidentally ripping off a College Humor skit they found online. The only episodes I didn’t like were the Coon & Friends episodes. I just didn’t see the need to have it be 3 episodes.

The extras for the Blu-Ray include the mini-commentary, some deleted scenes, and a bonus episode of “the Coon.” The mini-commentaries are great as always, and you get just a little bit more insight into what they were thinking for the episodes. Its nice to get more details on things, but wish it was a full episode commentary. But I’ll take any commentary from Matt & Trey. The deleted scenes were okay, but I didn’t watch the bonus episode because I’m not really a fan of The Coon.

South Park Season 14 Blu-Ray looks fantastic, and has some hysterical episodes on it. It’s truly a shame that episode 200 & 201 were so heavily censored. I can see it being censored on TV but why do it for the DVD 7 Blu-Ray? It’s just stupid. If that’s a breaking point on buying this, I understand but I think the rest of the season is still worthy of a purchase.

Audio Commentary
Deleted Scenes
Bonus Episode: The Coon

1080p High Definition

Dolby TrueHD English 5.1
Dolby Digital English 5.1


Bottom Line: Great season even though Comedy Central decided to still censor episode 201
Running Time: 308 mins
Rating: NR
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