A Regular Robert Frost: Bathroom Prose and Graffiti

Book Reviews | Nov 12th, 2009

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Author: Troy Keon
Publisher: Two Tone Publishing
Publishing Link: www.twotonepublishing.com
Pages: 56 pages
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Have you ever been taking a dump in a bathroom stall and you just got so consumed with what you were reading on the walls that you didn’t want to get up just yet? No, well then you haven’t seen the bathroom walls in New York then! Troy Keon, Amateur photographer and punk rocker from the band Space Vikings decided it was a good idea to take pictures of graffiti and artwork in bathrooms. The photos were taken in coffee shops, dive bars, clubs, etc. in Sacramento, New York City, San Francisco and Berkeley.

The book is entertaining because people write some funny stuff when in a bathroom stall. People are uncensored and don’t give a shit what they say, because who’s really going to find out who you are? Troy captures just some of the essence of what you might see on bathroom walls like “Jesus Does Cardio” or “I Love Being Pregnant” or “Lesbians are Gay.” The list is endless of what you might find on bathroom walls & stalls. Troy handpicked photos (out of thousands) that he felt had character, or were thought-provoking or just plain funny. He may not agree with what people are writing on the walls, but it’s still worth putting in the book. I always wanted to start a website that reviewed bathrooms across the country, and rate them on cleanliness, and things like that. But this book is something different, because its main focus is on artwork and the bathroom graffiti.

Ironically enough, I loved reading this book while using the bathroom. I’m just not going to write anything on my wall like these people; I’m too lazy to re-paint the walls. Plus, I don’t think my girlfriend would appreciate it. Sure, you can have this book be what it’s meant for, to display on coffee tables. But I think it’s only fitting to read it in the bathroom; it is bathroom graffiti after all! I think its ideal for that because this is a photography book with short funny sayings on walls. The book also contains cartoon characters and artwork, which is something I can relate to since I love doodling cartoons on pretty much anything. I think the only negative I could really say about this is that anyone can take these pictures. There’s nothing really special with the photography. Just take a piss, snap a picture and leave before the owners find out you’re taking pictures in their bathroom. Troy Keon had the guts to use his own money to make this book, and display the photographs as artwork. Anyone can make a Photo Blog out of something like this, but Troy takes it a step further and does something else with it. I’m looking forward to more bathroom graffiti photos from Troy and hope he pursues this style of photography further.

Bottom Line: An interesting bathroom graffiti book that should be read while taking a shit
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