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Book Reviews | Apr 1st, 2008

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Author: Shawn Granton
Publisher: TFR Industries
Genre: Mini-Comic
Pages: 50
Retail Price: 2.00
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One of my fave mini-comic’ers, Shawn Granton, got into the blog-my-life-by-comics game a couple of years ago. So he draws his daily events and thoughts; these two collections span Winter and Spring 2007.

Shawn’s strength is his writing, and that’s what separates this comic-journal from others. (No offense to Ben Snakepit, but the nonstop recurring panels of I Went To Work, I Went To A Show, I Got Drunk does get boring after awhile.) Even when Shawn isn’t doing anything exciting, his writing is thoughtful, reflective and honest.

He is active though – for at least 10 years, he’s been bumming around the country going to zine and comic fairs, scraping by enough to get to the next one. It’s interesting to read about his growing disillusionment with that scene and more interesting that he keeps going. (I gave up on zine fairs after my fourth or fifth; Shawn must have done hundreds.) While you can’t help but be jealous of the transient lifestyle, there’s an underlying sense of world weariness and self-doubt that makes Shawn’s comics more heartfelt than others.

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