Do-It-Yourself Screenprinting

Book Reviews | Nov 17th, 2008

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Author: John Isaacson
Publisher: Microcosm Publishing
Genre: How-To/Crafts
Pages: 188
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Given that this is a nearly 200-page book of comics, I thought the title was just a snarky name for a collection of illustrated punky musings.

In actuality, this entire book IS about screenprinting. Comics and comics on every technical issue involving the art of mass-producing t-shirts. Yes, there’s a 30-page comic midway that’s more tangential, but just about everything in here is a primer on the art of silkscreening.

This is a fun approach to a how-to book, and characters’ dialogue and storylines help illustrate various concepts, points, and instructions. Added to the fun are zine-y interviews with fellow screenprinters and independent companies.

All well and good, but I wonder if someone interested in learning this craft would be better off with a more straight-forward manual. Using comics to explain screenprinting is fun to read, but in practice I can imagine it would be difficult; sort of like trying to follow a one-page recipe that’s stretched to over 20 pages to incorporate pictures and stories.

I dig the approach and the author’s enthusiasm, but those wanting a quick lesson in screenprinting may find this format too distracting. (I should point out, though, that this book includes a glossary and a table of contents that provides some guidance on where to turn for specific topics/questions.)

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