MOJO Collection: Third Edition

Book Reviews | Feb 17th, 2007

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Author: Jim Irwin & Colin McLear, Eds.
Publisher: Cannongate Books
Genre: Music
Pages: 868
Retail Price: 9.99
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From the editors of MOJO (Britain’s version of Rolling Stone) comes this impressive compendium of great albums spanning the decades.

While it may not be the “ultimate music companion” as the tagline promises, it is a fun book to thumb through, and there is a LOT to thumb through. The Collection includes over 700 reviews of the most seminal records, as well as some surprises (Mull Historical Society?). While there isn’t anything here that is shockingly insightful to the musicologist, the reviewers are dead-on with most of their observations and seemingly always factually correct. I’m not sure if this book is any more essential than those music Rough Guide books, but music critics who know what they’re talking about is always rare and refreshing.

Bottom Line: Comprehensive if not insightful.
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