Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

Book Reviews | Dec 8th, 2012

Author: Anne Marie Blackman, Brian Clark Howard
Publisher: Running Press
Genre: Holiday/Humor
Pages: 192
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Who doesn’t like laughing at a bunch of people in ugly Christmas sweaters? I even have an ugly sweaters contest at work now; that’s how serious the holiday sweaters business is these days. Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater is a book with 200 photos of people wearing ungodly ugly sweaters for Christmas and Hanukkah. Whatever holiday you celebrate, there’s an ugly sweater for everyone, even pets!

Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater was started by Anne Marie Blackman and Brian Clark Howard. Anne runs an ugly sweater business at and Brian is an editor at National Geographic. If only Brian could have gotten some photos of some African tribes & a pack of wolves wearing some of these ugly sweaters. Well I suppose there’s always more books to be made.

This book is the type of book that you break out during the holidays and put it on the coffee table (or bathroom – hey, many people read in there). The photos in the book also include some funny captions. It’s kind of like The People of Walmart and Awkward Family Photos type of deal, which makes me think this book should be sold in Urban Outfitters then because they sell those other books there.

I’m not the type of person to wear ugly sweaters, but that’s just because I can’t see myself spending money on them. I’d wear them as a goof if I found a nice sweater that was cheap and made people want to hide their eyes from the ugliness. But this book was really amusing to look at and read the captions. I must say there’s a lot of freakin’ ugly sweaters out there. Maybe this book should have included a barf bag?

Bottom Line: A great collection of photos of people wearing ugly sweaters.
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