Silhouettes From Popular Culture

Book Reviews | By on Nov 18th, 2012

Author: Olly Moss
Publisher: Titan Books
Genre: Art / Pop Culture
Pages: 144
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Titan Books is known for releasing some cool art & movie themed books, and Silhouettes From Popular Culture is no different. Artist Olly Moss makes paper cut silhouettes of movie & TV characters and other characters from pop culture. If you’re looking for more of a deep meaning, you’re not going to find it.

The only text included in the book is from director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) who writes the foreward and an intro page from Olly himself. Olly explains his love of the silhouettes and the need to not just do one character, but draw and cut out the rest of the cast of the movie or TV show. Essentially, that’s all that’s really said.

The start of the book is Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Brothers, then goes from Bill The Butcher and Willy Wonka. So just goes to show you the randomness of the characters. There’s many characters from Star Wars, Disney, 80s movies, Monty Python, Lost, and loads of other stuff. This book is great to just pick up, flip through it and see if you’re geeky enough to figure out who all the characters are. I’ll admit, I got most of them but there was a few I couldn’t figure out who they were. I was amused at some of the placements of the silhouettes and who the characters were on the opposite page. It almost felt like a test on how the characters are relatable.

Check out for some images from the book and learn more about Olly Moss.

Bottom Line: Excellent silhouettes of many pop culture characters!
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