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Book Reviews | Aug 8th, 2007

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Author: Vox Anon
Publisher: Lulu.com
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 156
Retail Price: 9.99
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This diabolical book of miasmic and otherwordly poetry came in a package covered with glittery My Little Pony stickers. Needless to say, I was scared to review it.

I finally cracked it open, although it’s already pretty cracked. The prose is like a philosophy student being transformed into some hideous Lovecraftian monster during the Christian end times. But once you accept its dark-yet-brainy metaphysical style, it’s not bad at all. Although it’s also hard to tell if it’s good.

Author Vox Anon (translation: Unknown Voice) isn’t some dopey high school goth kid mired in angsty self-pity or inner “angels vs. demons” simplicity. Anon mixes grim Old and New Testament imagery with spirituality, sexuality, science, mythology, and mathematics into a bubbling alchemy of words that taste like hymns dipped in vinegar.

A brief read-through brings to mind everything from the pagan earthiness yet spiritual symbolism of Aleister Crowley to PKDian musings on man/god duality and the Godhead to the indecipherable climaxes of overreaching apocalyptic anime.

I honestly can’t tell if it’s good poetry or heavy-handed hackery or lunatic ravings that I should be afraid of. But maybe that reader’s uncertainty is what makes it artful.

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