Bee Movie: A Very Jerry 2-Disc Edition

DVD Reviews | Mar 30th, 2008

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Starring Jerry Seinfeld, Rene Zellweger, Matthew Broderick, John Goodman, Chris Rock, Patrick Warburton, Rip Torn
Written By: Jerry Seinfeld, Spike Feresten
Directed By: Simon J. Smith, Steve Hickner
Studio: Dreamworks
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Bee Movie is one of those movies I wanted to see but I didn’t really feel like seeing it in the theaters. I didn’t feel like having to deal with seeing the movie with crying & talking kids, so I decided to just wait for Bee Movie on DVD. Bee Movie is a very cute animated movie that is funny for both children and adults.

Do you ever wonder what goes on in a Bee’s life? They are born, they go to school/college for like 3 days or so, and then it’s off to work for the rest of their short-lived life, in the same job. That sounds depressing. That’s why Barry Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) isn’t like his best friend Adam and other bees. He doesn’t want to be stuck in the same job his whole life. He wants to see the world and do other things besides the standard Bee living. The only thing that sounds somewhat appealing to him is a “Pollen Jock,” the bees that are the only ones that can travel outside the hive. One day he decides to tag along with the other pollen jocks and ends up getting caught outside due to a rain storm. But he meets a beautiful woman named Vanessa (Rene Zellweger) who’s a florist and she actually doesn’t mind bees. The little bee and Vanessa become good friends, and one day Barry decides to take down the honey industry because it’s stealing from Bees. But Barry Benson doesn’t realize is ruining the Earth and the entire Bee’s culture before it’s almost too late. So he gets some help from Vanessa and other bees to figure out a way to save Earth.

Before seeing Bee movie, I didn’t know a thing about it besides Jerry Seinfeld writing and starring in it. I’m happy he’s finally doing something after Seinfeld; he must have been going broke? Yeah right… He’s not the greatest actor in the world but he’s certainly a good writer and he’s obviously a great comedian as well. You can tell he put a lot of effort into making this movie and it’s been a few years in the making. I can see why he wanted to make this type of movie now since he’s a family man. I’d love to see him star in movies that were meant for adults though. But I thought Bee movie was a great & very cute animated movie with all the right ingredients for both adults & kids to like it. Sure, there might be a few things kids won’t get but one day they will. I just hope kids don’t realize that bees are cute little things in real life, and decide to bring home a bee hive for Mom and Dad. I thought the movie had some funny cameos from Chris Rock, Ray Liotta, Sting and Larry King. The supporting cast was great as well, and the only voices I really recognized at first were Seinfeld’s, Warburton’s and Torn’s. I was trying to figure out who was played by Adam and Vanessa but I didn’t realize who they were until after the film. I guess that can be a good thing since the voices didn’t take away from the characters. As far as the story is concerned, I thought it was pretty funny how Barry went after the honey industry. That’s something we haven’t seen yet in an animated movie. I think the only downfall to this movie is people & kids might start to get too overwhelmed with all these bug movies that have come out in the last 10 years. But then again, at least it’s not another penguin movie.

If you want to see Bee movie and that’s it, then be sure to get the cheaper bare bones DVD. If you are a fan of extras, then go out and get”A Very Jerry 2-Disc Edition” DVD. The first disc has the movie, plus alternate endings, trailers, lost scenes, and a featurette on the cast of the movie. The alternate endings weren’t good and I can see why they were scraped. The lost scenes were in storyboard form so its kind of hard to judge something by that. Well the alternate endings were storyboarded as well, but I can get a better sense on how those scenes were. Either way, the lost scenes and other endings weren’t that great. The second disc has a music video, a game, and some other featurettes geared towards children. None of those things appealed to me so I didn’t check them out.

If you like other CGI animated movies like A Bug’s Life, Shrek, Ice Age, etc. then you’ll really enjoy Bee Movie. I think even Seinfeld fans will get a kick out of this movie. I’m not sure Jerry Seinfeld is the greatest actor in the world, but he certainly can write some funny jokes. This DVD is definitely worth checking out though because I liked it a lot!

Disc 1: More Jerry
– Jerry & Filmmaker Commentary
– Jerry’s 16TV Juniors
– Alternate Endings and Lost Scenes
– Jerry’s Flight Over Cannes
– Original Live-Action Trailers
– Inside the Hive: The Cast of Bee Movie

Disc 2: More Barry
– “We Got the Bee” Music Video
– Pollination Practice Video Game
– The OW! Meter
– The Buzz about Bees
– Meet Barry B. Benson
– And A Swarm of Fun-Filled Extras!

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1 CC
ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo CC
SPANISH: Dolby Digital Stereo
FRENCH: Dolby Digital 5.1

Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)

English, Spanish, French

Favorite Scenes: I liked when Barry went out with the Pollen Jocks, and the scene with Chris Rock on the windshield of the truck.
Rating: PG
Running Time: 90 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: