Best Of Chappelle’s Show (Uncensored)

DVD Reviews | Jun 11th, 2007

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Starring Dave Chappelle, Charlie Murphy, Bill Burr, Wayne Brady, Moe Def, Donnell Rawlings
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Studio: Paramount/Comedy Central
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I’m rich bitch! Even though Dave Chappelle left after season two, that’s what he’s probably saying. He’s probably super rich just from all the DVD sales alone. Paramount & Comedy Central have now released a DVD featuring Chappelle’s Show 25 best sketches, including some never before aired Charlie Murphy stories. For fans of the show, I’m not sure this is something to get but for people that just want the best of the short-lived TV series, this is something to own!

The Best of Chappelle’s Show features all the sketches you’d expect to be on a best-of DVD. All those classic sketches that had people talking and wouldn’t shut the fuck up about. You know a show has really succeeded when kids and every other person you know are quoting the show and doing bad impressions of Rick James and Lil’ Jon. The same thing happened with In SNL, In Living Color, Ren & Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, etc…people would just drive the quotes into the ground and it makes the shows not as funny after that. I kind of stopped watching repeats of the Chappelle’s Show because of that. I never actually seen the last season with all the lost episodes. One, because of Chappelle not coming back and two, because everyone and their mother were quoting the show. Now that I think about it, I think Chappelle leaving was a smart move because it leaves the show at the top and he didn’t leave after the show started to suck ass. Leave on a high note, he’s a comedian after all, what do you expect? So after the second season, I didn’t watch the show so some of these sketches I never saw before. I think there might have only been two sketches I never saw and they were at the very end of this. One sketch was Dave dealing with success and getting an interview with Show Business. That sketch was actually really funny because it showed Dave on Cribs and doing movies with Susan Sarandon.

For not having seeing the show for awhile, I was cracking up the entire 2 hours+ of this DVD. I just forgot how seriously funny and ground-breaking this comedy show was. These 25 sketches are really some of the best stuff on the show, but that shouldn’t stop people from buying all the seasons on DVD. Yeah there may be an occasional episode that isn’t that funny but overall, the series was freakin’ hilarious. This DVD is a good representation of how good the show was. You got sketches like A Night with Wayne Brady, the Mad Real World, The Racial Draft, Samuel L. Jackson beer, The N family, The Black White Supremacist, Trading Spouses, R Kelly’s piss on you and of course Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories featuring Prince and Rick James. It’s debatable, but the two Charlie Murphy stories could be the funniest sketches that have appeared on TV in the last 15 years! The Wayne Brady sketch is one of my favorite all-time sketches from Chappelle’s Show as well. As an added bonus, you get to see some bloopers and never-before-aired stories from Charlie Murphy on this DVD. I could be mistaken, but I swear I saw them on the Season 2 DVD? Anyway, If you want to laugh for 2 hours straight, be sure to get the Best of Chappelle’s Show!


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Favorite Scenes: Samuel L Jackson beer, N Family, Trading Spouses, R Kelly, Wayne Brady, Prince, Rick James, Mad Real World
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