Bouncing Souls "Do You Remember? Fifteen Year

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Wow! that’s just one word to sum up this DVD on the Souls! I’m really impressed with the production of this DVD and I didn’t even see the second disc! Chunksaah was nice enough to send me the first disc so I really can’t complain. Though when I see them live next, I’m going to get the full DVD because I want to see the live footage as well. The first disc contains an hour and forty minute documentary on the band and tons of deleted scenes like sessions of them recording,
You should see what they dress up like on Easter.

getting pulled over by the police and just a misc. bunch of clips of them with a video camera. I really liked the documentary because you got to the whole story of them, and what happened behind the scenes. You realize in the documentary that the Souls basically do an impression of everyone they know, and are bigtime goofballs, but when it’s come to get serious and down to business, they do that.

I was cracking up off their home movies they made when bored of them as a Santa gang, and doing spoof birth videos. I was also laughing about their vans breaking down and catching on fire. I’m sure it wasn’t funny to them at the time but it’s something look back on and laugh I guess. I liked listening to their stories of the prank wars between the other house that had Lamar Vanoy and Johnny X. I’m sure the live footage on the second disc is great and I can’t wait to see it. I’ve seen their music videos on streaming video websites, so it would be good to get it on disc to see. If you like the Bouncing Souls in any way, you’d be a freakin dumbass not to get this DVD. I’d get this even if you didn’t have a DVD player!

n- Feature Length Documentary
n- a 50 song “set list” of live footage
n- 6 music videos
n- Over an hour of deleted scenes




Favorite Scenes: Stuff on their punk house, prank wars, stuff with their broken down vehicles, their home videos of them as a santa gang
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