DVD Reviews | Feb 27th, 2007

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Starring Felicity Montagu, Stephen Mangan, Meredith MacNeill, Robert Webb, Martin Freeman, Jessica Stevenson, Alison Steadman, Jimmy Carr, Olivia Colman, Julia Davis, Mark Heap
Written By:
Directed By: Debbie Isitt
Studio: Fox Searchlight
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Mockumentaries are fun to watch, but only if they are done right. I think Christopher Guest is the king of mockumentaries and I enjoy his movies a lot. This is a British mockumentary about weddings and I think it has its moments, but like with a lot of British comedy, it’s a very dry comedy movie.

Confetti takes place in the UK, and follows around three couples who were chosen to compete in Confetti Magazine’s “Original Wedding of the Year.” The winning married couple must come up with the most original idea, and if they win, they get a half-million pound house. 2 wedding planners have to help realize & visually come up with the couples wedding ideas and make them happen. But they have to put up with the couples, and more annoyingly, their families. One couple wants a tennis wedding, another wants a old-time Hollywood musical wedding and the last couple, wants a nudist wedding. As you can tell, some very wacky ideas and it makes for some subtle but very funny comedy.

Confetti was hit and miss with me. The beginning and the ending were funny. The in-between stuff wasn’t as funny. I thought Jimmy Carr was great in the scenes he was in and he should have been in the movie more. Having him pick the contestants was humorous. The ending was great because the weddings were so out there and weird. The tennis wedding was probably the most outrageous, and the Hollywood musical wedding was the least funny (but that ends up winning). The actors make the mockumentary very believable because they play their parts so realistic and only drop subtle funny lines. It’s sort of a similar style from The Office and other awkward mockumentary comedies. Speaking of the Office, Martin Freeman of the Office UK is one of the contestants but I thought he could have been better in his role. But I think all the acting was impressive because it was all done with improvisation. You just don’t see that in too many movies or TV shows these days (well besides the Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm).

The bonus features on the Confetti DVD include additional footage, video diaries, and alternate endings. You can watch how each couple wins the award and how they react to it. And see other the losers react to it as well. I think the original ending works the best out of the group. If you like fake documentaries with subtle humor, you’ll enjoy Confetti. I thought it was funny in parts but could have been better.

– Additional Footage – “More Tears & Tantrums – Video Diary Entries”
– Alternate Endings – Choose Your Own Winner (3)
– Trailers

Dolby Digital 5.1 – English, Spanish, French

Widescreen – 1.85

English, Spanish

Favorite Scenes: The beginning was pretty funny, and so was the ending.
Rating: NR
Running Time: 99 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating: