Dark Angel: The Complete Second Season

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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Starring Jessica Alba, Michael Weatherly, Jensen Ackles, Kevin Durand
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Here’s a brief synopsis about the show if you haven’t seen it nor hear about it before. Jessica Alba stars as Max, a genetically enhanced human prototype who escapes her military handlers and is hunted through the frantic, underground street life of the late 21st century Pacific Northwest. There she befriends a group of like-minded young human rebels determined to live their lives freely under a police state that abhors freedom. Before long she learns that the other prototypes who escaped with her are still alive, and with the help of the rebels Max begins her quest to find them before her enemies do.

I loved the first season of Dark Angel and thought it was really cool. I thought James Cameron came up with an awesome concept. But I kind of lost interest when Season 2 came around. Probably for a few things like Fox changing around the timeslots every week and then get mad when the show doesn’t have an audience or get ratings (and they still haven’t learn that!) so I wasn’t able to know when to see the show, and Dark Angel was having more “” like shows with freaks and mutants that looked like the cheesy vampires on . I know that was the direction everyone wanted to go in, but I didn’t like it. It was also extremely more darker in tone than the previous season. But nonetheless, it was still a decent TV show that should have went on longer.

The DVD boxset of season 2 will please DA fans because the video/audio quality is good, but there is some cool featurettes and other extras on here as well. There’s a few audio commentaries, but I haven’t listen to them. I usually don’t listen to commentaries unless I saw the movie or TV show a million times. There’s a really funny gag/ blooper reel with different sections like them all saying sorry a bunch of times, making noises, forgetting lines, messing up their fight scenes, etc. Plus there’s 3 featurettes with the cast and crew talking about the character Max & the show itself, a cool one on the making of the mutants’ & freaks’ masks. I always like watching that process. So if you liked this season of Dark Angel or at least curious about it then look into buying it.

n- Audio Commentary on Selected Episodes
n- 3 Behindn-then-Scenes Featurettes
n- Blooper Reel




Favorite Scenes: I didn’t have a favorite episode but I liked the episodes in the beginning because it was a continuation from Season 1.
Running Time: 943 minutes
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