David Cross: "Let America Laugh"

DVD Reviews | Mar 4th, 2005

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This isn’t a concert DVD but it’s a behind the scenes documentary from comedian David Cross. The documentary shows David on the road with the indie band Ultrababyfat and going from club to club. David and crew encounter endless amounts of drunken, stoned idiotic morons and this is the perfect example of why I don’t do drugs or drink haha. It’s because of people like this who I just want to punch. David Cross also has to deal with tons of heckling from these kind of people and I really feel bad for him having to put up with these pricks. But what’s so funny about David is putting them in their places and making them look like even bigger idiots. That has to be one requirement when you want to become a comedian, putting up with that shit and firing back.

I was cracking up when he was arguing with the Nashville club owner about seats for his show, and then David insulted the club and the owner in front of the audience and after the show was asked to leave immediately and to never come back to the club again. David delayed that for a long time and videotaped it haha. I liked when they showed people leaving his show. One guy left because he got too poltical haha. Bob Odenkirk and the rest of the cast of Mr. Show make a cameo on the DVD, when they have a DVD signing/ guest appearance thing. Bob Odenkirk has some hilarious sayings in his autographs!

There isn’t much in the Extras department, just a few deleted scenes that were okay. Yeah it’s kind of disappointing not to have a concert on this DVD because his CD for this tour was hilarious. There is some clips from his stand up act on here, but it’s usually interupted by more hecklers or too short. Would have been nice to have the full show but this is still great to watch if you are a David Cross fan. I’ve been a fan since Mr. Show and his stand up comedy half hour/hour on HBO. Look into getting this.

n- Pilar Tells a Story
n- What Do Gay Men Like on Their Pizza?
n- Ainsley McTree
n- Deleted scenes




Favorite Scenes: The part when David got kicked out of the nightclub from bashing them and then wouldn’t leave.
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