DVD/Blu-Ray Tuesday Roundup (April 13th 2010)

DVD Reviews | Apr 13th, 2010

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It’s time for DVD/Blu-Ray Tuesday Roundup for April 13th 2010! Some of the releases coming out today include: Broken Lizard’s Slammin’ Salmon, Apollo 13 Blu-Ray, Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-Ray, Pirate Radio, Haunted and some other crap! Each week I’ll list the latest DVD/Blu-Ray releases and point out the ones worth buying. I can’t review everything I get so this serves as a nice guide for what’s coming out each week. Plus, it’s just fun making fun of movies and TV shows!

Here are the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of the week:

Apollo 13 (15th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]

Believe it or not, I haven’t seen this from start to finish. I’ve seen lots of parts of it but never sat down to watch all of it…for whatever reason. Maybe i’ll make an effort to watch Apollo 13 this summer.

The Great Mouse Detective (Mystery in the Mist Edition)

I remember seeing this one when I was little and liking it, but can’t remember anything from the actual movie. I’d like to see this one again.

A Nightmare on Elm Street [Blu-ray]

The movie that made me hate/scared of horror movies.

Pirate Radio

A movie that has been out in the UK for a year now, and with a different title. I actually really want to see Pirate Radio. It has a cool story, great cast and awesome soundtrack too!


Woody Harrelson dressed up as a superhero? Hmm okay.


People trying to cash in on Matthew Fox being on LOST now? Seems like it.

The Slammin’ Salmon [Blu-ray]

This is actually a pretty funny Broken Lizard movie! Expect a full review soon.

Gone With the Wind (The Scarlett Edition) [Blu-ray]

Still haven’t seen this..yeah big whoop wanna fight about it?


Hey Luke Wilson starring in something that’s not a commercial!

Tom and Jerry Tales: The Complete First Season

I love the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. I don’t think I would like this though.

Dallas: The Complete Thirteenth Season

The theme song is all that I can remember.


This Russell Crowe is sooo good, that I’m just hearing about it right now!

Sex Galaxy

Oscar winning movie?


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