DVD/Blu-Ray Tuesday Roundup (March 2nd 2010)

DVD Reviews | Mar 2nd, 2010

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It’s time for DVD/Blu-Ray Tuesday Roundup for March 2nd, 2010! Some of the releases coming out today include: 2012, Where The Wild Things Are, Ponyo, Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey, Believe: Eddie Izzard Story and Bitch Slap! Each week I’ll list the latest DVD/Blu-Ray releases and point out the ones worth buying. I can’t review everything I get so this serves as a nice guide for what’s coming out each week. Plus, it’s just fun making fun of movies and TV shows!

Here are the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of the week:

2012 (Two-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray]

The latest disaster movie is out and I have no desire to see this. You’d think John Cusack and Woody Harrelson would pick better movies.


I can’t stand Japanese animated movies. There, I said it.

Where the Wild Things Are [Blu-ray]

I don’t like Spike Jonze movies. They’re weird, boring and a bit pretentious. Which is actually what I think this movie will be. I’m sure the indie hipster will love this movie and it’s Karen O soundtrack. Blech.

Alice (2009 Miniseries)

If this was on Syfy, it must be GOOD! Right?

Clash of the Titans (Blu-ray Book)

As cheesy as this movie was, I still think it will be better than the remake. That claymation Medusa was some scary shit!

Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey

The straight to DVD sequel to the first animated movie. I won’t be seeing this but I will be getting the soundtrack since Carbon Leaf have over 6 songs on the album! So I’d suggest getting the soundtrack.

The Neverending Story [Blu-ray]

…it’s the…neverending…sstttooorrrryyyy

Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story

A documentary about Eddie Izzard. I’m sure this is an interesting film.

Bitch Slap (Unrated)

Just want to see gratuitous T&A? This is probably your movie!

Ninja [Blu-ray]

This movie titles are just so damn creative lately ya know?

Gentlemen Broncos

From the creators of Napoleon Dynamite, so expect lots of references to moon boots.


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