DVD Tuesday Roundup (July 14th)

DVD Reviews | By on Jul 14th, 2009

It’s the 2nd DVD Tuesday Roundup of July 2009! Happy Birthday Dad! Each week I’ll list the latest DVD releases and point out the ones worth buying. I can’t review everything I get so this serves as a nice guide for what’s coming out each week. Plus, it’s just fun making fun of movies and TV shows. Each DVD title links to Amazon.com, and if you purchase that product; the website gets a few cents! Woohoo!

Here are the DVD releases of the week:

Mad Men: Season 2

I’m probably the last person to have seen this show. I know they all wear suits, smoke and drink a lot, it takes place in the 60s, they have hot secretaries, and probably play ass grab with them as well.

The State: The Complete Series

I’ve seen parts of this comedy sketch show from the guys that brought you Reno 911, Wet Hot American Summer, etc. I remember not laughing at some of the skits though. I was young so I might want to give this series another shot. After all, it took years to get this show on DVD and it’s finally here. Might as well check it out.

Leverage: The First Season

TNT show featuring that guy you see in movies & TV but never know his name. Timothy Hutton, oh right..yeah. I’ve heard mixed things about Leverage, but perhaps I’ll catch an episode or two and see if I like it.

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero: Season 1.1

GI JOE! COBRA! Read the full review here.

The Haunting in Connecticut (Unrated Special Edition)

I’ll concur, Connecticut is pretty scary.

The Edge of Love

Was this movie even in theaters? Keira Knightley is acting in straight to DVD movies now? Maybe she should go back being in Pirate movies?

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – Collection Four

I only just started watching Anthony Bourdain this year but the guy is a great TV host. He’s a bit cranky at times, but this show makes me want to travel the world and order the opposite of what he eats.

Van Wilder: Freshman Year – Unrated

They shouldn’t have even made 1 movie, why this hack of a comedy series is still making movies is beyond me.

Shark Week: The Great Bites Collection [Blu-ray]

Sharks scare the shit out of me, why would I want to watch this on hi-def?

Keane: Live

I wanted to check out Keane on their latest tour, but I guess this DVD will just have to do.

1,001 Classic Commercials Collection

Great, just what people need! Instead of just fast-forwarding or channel surfing during commercials; they can have an entire DVD filled with them. Where’s the beef? It’s up your ass lady!

American Gladiators (The Original Series): The Battle Begins

I used to watch this show all the time when it first came out. Hell, I used to try to play these games with friends in the summer time. I especially loved playing the joust game in the pool. But to watch these 80s episodes again on DVD? No Thanks. I think I’ll pass. I’ve had enough of mullets.

Punky Brewster

Who would have thought the girl who played Punky Brewster and who had a weird name (Soleil Moon Frye) would grow up to be really hot?

Big Bouncy British Boobs Bonanza

Best. Title. Ever!


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