DVD/Blu-Ray Tuesday Roundup (December 29th 2009)

DVD Reviews | By on Dec 29th, 2009

It’s the last DVD/Blu-Ray Tuesday Roundup of 2009 and the decade!! GASP! Some of the releases coming out today include: Jennifer’s Body, 9, Paranormal Activity, Glee Volume 1, United States of Tara Season 1, and an Oscar worthy movie called Princess of Mars. Each week I’ll list the latest DVD/Blu-Ray releases and point out the ones worth buying. I can’t review everything I get so this serves as a nice guide for what’s coming out each week. Plus, it’s just fun making fun of movies and TV shows!

Here are the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of the week:

Glee, Vol. One: Road to Sectionals

Why are studios releasing DVDs while shows are still currently in mid-season? Oh yeah…to sucker more money out of the consumer.

9 [Blu-ray]

9 just looks freakin’ weird! Animation-wise, it looks wonderful but I don’t know, it just looks weird to me. Anyone see this?

Paranormal Activity

I’m sure this movie is all hyped and not that scary. Probably all the good stuff is at the last 5 minutes of the movie like Blair Witch Project was.

Jennifer’s Body (+ Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]

Megan Fox being incredibly hot can’t save this movie from being downright awful.

A Perfect Getaway

Just based on the title and the actors starring in A Perfect Getaway, this looks like a dud.

United States of Tara: Season One

Toni Collette won some awards for this show but is it any good? I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.


Now that Chris Pine is a big star, you’ll start to see all these obscure, random movies pop up trying to fish people into getting his bad movies.

The Marine 2

I guess the Marine 2’s demographic is toothless rednecks and mullet hillbilly wrestling fans?

Princess of Mars

You know a movie is going to be “GOOD” when it stars an old porn star and an aging underwear model!

Weather Girl

Never heard of this movie but it has some decent actors in it.

Vampire Killers

This was called Lesbian Vampire Killers outside the US right? They should have kept that name then I might have wanted to rent it!

Time Warp: Season 2

See things get blown up in slow-mo!

Nuns of Saint Archangel

Nuns kissing? Even God has a boner.



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