DVD/Blu-Ray Tuesday Roundup (July 26th 2016)

Blu-Ray Reviews, DVD Reviews | Jul 26th, 2016

DVD Blu-Ray Tuesday Roundup

Here’s the DVD/Blu-Ray Roundup for July 26th 2016. Some of titles coming out today include: The Boss, Criminal, Hardcore Henry, Barbershop: The Next Cut, The New World and more. Each week I’ll list the latest DVD/Blu-Ray releases and point out the ones worth buying. I can’t review everything I get so this serves as a nice guide for what’s coming out each week. Plus, it’s just fun making fun of movies and TV shows!

The Boss

Melissa McCarthy movies are the new Adam Sandler movies…that’s not a good thing


I don’t remember this movie coming out in theaters. I guess I blinked.

Hardcore Henry

I’ll either love this movie or throw up from it

Barbershop: The Next Cut

When is the sequel to Soul Plane coming out?

The New World

I liked this movie a lot but particularly love the score from the late James Horner

I Am Wrath

I Am Straight-To-Video

Also coming out today:

Sing Street

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXXVI

Family Matters: The Complete Seventh Season

Jack Irish: Season 1

Where’s Huddles: The Complete Series

Jack Irish: The Movies


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