DVD/Blu-Ray Tuesday Roundup (May 10th 2016)

Blu-Ray Reviews, DVD Reviews | May 10th, 2016

DVD Blu-Ray Tuesday Roundup

Here’s the DVD/Blu-Ray Roundup for May 10th 2016. Some of titles coming out today include: Deadpool, Where To Invade Next, The Bourne Trilogy, The Boy, The Manhattan Project, The Jim Gaffigan Show: Season 1 and more. Each week I’ll list the latest DVD/Blu-Ray releases and point out the ones worth buying. I can’t review everything I get so this serves as a nice guide for what’s coming out each week. Plus, it’s just fun making fun of movies and TV shows!


One of my favorite comic book movies and one of the funniest movies of the year!

Where To Invade Next

Hilarious Michael Moore documentary that will make you think, “hmm I think America can do better.” Of course we won’t do better though because we’re afraid of big change.

The Boy

This looks fucking creepy. Ted Cruz probably loves this.

The Bourne Trilogy

A new one is coming out, so makes sense to re-release this set.


They really don’t try anymore with coming up with good cover/poster art anymore do they?

The Manhattan Project

I love this 80s movie and have to watch it every time it’s on TV. Plus it filmed scenes at Suffern High School, right down the road from my Grandparents house at the time.

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Season 1

Really funny TV Land show by Jim Gaffigan. I just wish this was available on Blu-Ray since I watched this show in HD.

Adventures Of Captain Marvel

I thought Captain Marvel was a woman?

Also coming out today:

War And Peace

Scooby Doo and Lego: Haunted Hollywood

Newhart: Season 5

Scream: The Tv Series Ssn1

Beauty and the Beast (2012): Season 3

The Untouchables: The Complete Series

Killjoys: Season 1

The Jerk


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