Las Vegas: Season Three – Uncut & Uncensored

DVD Reviews | Sep 20th, 2006

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Starring James Caan, Josh Duhamel, Vanessa Marcil, James Lesure, Molly Sims, Nikki Cox, Dean Cain, Lara Flynn Boyle
Written By: Gary Scott Thompson
Directed By:
Studio: Universal Studios
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Las Vegas is one of my favorite current TV shows on the air. It has everything you could want in a show: action, comedy, interesting storylines, hot women, gambling, some romance, and more hot women! Every time I watch this show, it makes me want to go out and move to Vegas. But I’d probably be broke the first week I was there from gambling so much. But anyway…If you like this TV series, then this DVD set is something you should purchase.

For anyone not familiar with Las Vegas, it’s about the Montecito Resort and Casino in Sin City The show centers around Ed Deline, and his surveillance team, but also focuses on several employees of the Montecito as well. You have Danny McCoy, head of security. You have genius funny man Mike, who works in surveillance and who used to do valet parking. Then you have all the females on the show: Sam (the casino host), Mary (the knockout hotel manager) and Delinda (Ed’s gorgeous ambitious daughter who runs Mystique). The third season starts off with Monica Mancuso, the new owner of the Montecito, tracking Danny down to come work for her. Monica bought the casino/hotel at the end of the second season, knocked it down and rebuilt a new one. To me, that is kind of a waste of money but whatever, billionaires have the cash to spare apparently. Danny comes back to work at the Montecito, Mike is still one of the employees at the Montecito who didn’t end up leaving, Sam come backs after Monica threatens to take all of her clients, Delinda and Mary eventually come back full-time as well. Monica and Ed Deline butt heads throughout the beginning of the season, on how the casino should be run and Ed eventually quits his job because he can’t put up with Monica’s crap anymore. Like with the rest of the season, things take unexpected turns and certain people hook up again. You know… the typical fun Vegas stuff!

This season was just as fun as the others. It had a lot of the same elements as the previous seasons but added some new things to the mix as well. Seeing Ed go head to head with Monica was great because she was just a bitch, and we all know that Ed is always right. But it was nice to finally see Ed have a boiling point and walk away from the Montecito. But as a fan, you just know that the show wouldn’t be the same without James Caan (which is still in question for Season 4?). One thing I always liked about the show is, if you miss an episode, you can pick right up where you left off. There are a few big plot points that continue throughout the season; but the episodes are pretty generic that anyone can start from anywhere and get the gist of it. Some of the major plots this season center around Ed leaving & coming back to the Montecito, Danny & Delinda sparking things up again, Mary leaving her boyfriend, and Casey buying the Montecito finally. I like the addition of Dean Cain to the full-time cast because he seems like the perfect choice to own the Montecito. He has that past history with Sam, and those two bickering back & forth at each other is always fun to watch. I also thought Mike had a lot of funny moments this season. He has been great the last 2 seasons and I think his character had the best yet. He’s hitting on nurses when he’s in the hospital, everyone thinks he’s a male stripper; plus it’s just the little quirky things like looking at the camera when something awesome is about to happen. The only downside to the acting this season was underusing Mary. I’ve loved Nikki Cox ever since her ‘Unhappily Ever After’ days so she’s a “joy” to watch on screen. Thankfully she comes back into the fold towards the middle & end of the season. Just like the previous seasons, there were a lot of guest starring roles this season like: Lara Flynn Boyle, Rachel Leigh Cook, Daryl Hammond, Richard Lewis, Jill Hennessy, Jerry O’ Connell, Ron Jeremy, and lots more! What I don’t like about certain shows and sometimes this one is using these guest stars as some marketing ploy. But then again, this is a show about Las Vegas and it is filled with celebs and other famous people. But it just seems shameless to have these random celebrities show up on the show.

Usually with these supposed “uncensored” DVDs, they really aren’t that uncensored but this season you do in fact, see some topless women outside by the Montecito pool. I had to do a double take and see the clips over again. Hey, it was just for pure enjoyment…I mean evidence, to see if it was really what I was seeing. Yeah I’ll stick with that. The extras for Season 3 seemed to be a bit lacking, but there are 1 or 2 things on the DVD set. There’s some funny gag reels and those are always fun to watch, then there’s a time-lapse montage of the crew building the new Montecito hotel. That’s really about it for extras so they could have done a better job with extras like some audio commentary or some deleted scenes.

If you enjoyed the first 2 seasons of Las Vegas, than season 3 will be just as entertaining. The show really stepped it up in terms of the comedy on the show, but there is still plenty of drama and action to satisfy everybody. Season 4 premieres Friday, October 20th at 9pm Est.

Gag Reel From Season 3
In With The New: Time-lapse Photography of the Building of the New Hotel

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1

Widescreen 1.78:1 Color (Anamorphic)

English, Spanish

Favorite Scenes: Double Down Triple Threat, Big Ed De-Cline, Mothwoman, Bait and Switch, All Quiet on the Montecito Front
Rating: NR
Running Time: 976 minutes
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