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DVD Reviews | Dec 12th, 2007

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Starring Matthew Fox, Terry O’Quinn, Evangeline Lilly, Elizabeth Mitchell, Josh Holloway, Dominic Monaghan, Henry Ian Cusick, Michael Emerson
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Studio: Disney/Buena Vista
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Am I the only one that actually loved this season of Lost? Everyone complained about Lost losing its focus and how it just wasn’t the same as the first two seasons. Sure, some of the earlier episodes could have been re-worked to add the other Islanders in the episodes; but I still liked the Others-centric episodes. Whether or not you liked this season, you have to agree that the last episode of the season was quite the wild ride!

When we last left the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, Jack, Sawyer and Kate were captured by the Others. Sayyid, Jin and Sun were on their trail and waiting for the signal from Jack. The hatch exploded from an EMP and Eko, John and Desmond went missing. This season starts out with the three prisoners in separate jails, or in Sawyer’s case, a cage. A mysterious Other, Juliette (Elizabeth Mitchell), begins to hang out with Jack and see what makes him tick. Jack later finds out that he’s the reason why Ben & the Others are so interested in the group. While the three are being imprisoned, Desmond wakes up from the blast and has psychic visions and sees a long-time Islander dying. John Locke goes back to his usual self and tries to find a purpose in his life. All the other people from the plane crash are back as well but take a backseat this year to the bigger characters. Some of the storylines this season are about: Charlie’s future, Sun’s pregnancy, (Skate) Sawyer and Kate, Desmond seeing into the future & getting back to Penny, Rousseau still trying to find her daughter, and Jack trying to get behind everything still and lead the group off the island. Obviously there are a lot of subplots and different storylines, but those are some of the main ones.

This season answers questions we’ve had since the beginning, but also brings up 50 more questions in replace of it. It can be satisfying but frustrating at the same time. But if we knew all the answers, why would we watch the show then? I thought the beginning of the season started off slow, but I still liked the Trio imprisoned by the Others. We just could have used some more scenes back on the beach as well. While I like those three characters a lot, the other smaller cast members could have used a little bit more spotlight in the beginning. The season definitely picks up around the 6th or 7th episode though. Starts off slow and just gets more and more intense each episode. I could have gone without the many near-deaths of Charlie and they should have just killed him off sooner. But when he does finally die, you feel kind of sad to see him go. I thought killing off Eko was a bad mistake and thought he should have stuck around for awhile. But I guess the actor didn’t want to do that anymore and move on.

I loved seeing episodes on Juliette and loved that she’s on the show. Let’s be honest, the creators of Lost certainly love killing off the hot chicks so I’m glad they added one back on the show. Probably the hottest one on the show was Nikki, and yet Paolo and Nikki were introduced into the show so stupidly. I did like their centric episode, but man I would have liked to have seen her walking around in a bikini more. I thought the strongest episodes this season were the Desmond-centric, John-centric, and the Ben-centric episodes. Well I guess the Jack episode in the finale was really good as well! That’s certainly a game changer and it just makes me giddy with excitement when the new season returns (whenever the hell that is!). The show definitely ended on an interesting note.

The bonus material for the 3rd season of Lost are great! There’s load of content on here and I found myself watching it for hours. The DVD menu is Ben’s TV room but it’s kind of annoying because you click on the TV screen; then nothing happens except watching which ever room you clicked on. But when you go back to the TVs, that’s when the features load up. Or maybe my DVD was buggy? Anyway, some of the things you can watch are: deleted scenes, extended flash-back scenes, a featurette on the books of Lost, seeing what happens on the set of Lost in a day, and then “on location” scenes from the set. One of my favorite things from the bonus disc was the featurette on the Todd MacFarlane toys. It’s cool to see how they were made, and funny to see how the actors reacted to their toys & how they posed for the toys. Like I said above, lots of great bonus content and definitely worth watching after you get done with the episodes.

Lost Season 3 started off to a slow start but quickly got into things when Sawyer & Kate escaped the Others’ Island. You find out a lot of mysteries from the show but you also have a bunch more that are left unresolved. I think this season wasn’t as good as the first season but I liked it better than the second season. If you call yourself a Lost fan, be sure to buy this DVD and hold yourself over until the Writer’s Strike is done.

The World Of The Others: Friends or foes? Secrets and mysteries revealed by cast and producers.
Lost Flashbacks: All-new, never-before-seen flashbacks
Lost On Location: Go behind the scenes with these all-new tales from Season 3
The Lost Book Club: Get hints to the significance of Lost’s literary references
Lost In A Day: An exclusive look at 24 hours in the life of this ambitious series
Deleted Scenes, Lost Bloopers, Audio Commentaries And More!

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Favorite Scenes: Every Man For Himself, Not In Portland, Flashes Before Your Eyes, Enter 77, The Man from Tallahassee, One of Us, The Brig, The Man Behind the Curtain, Through the Looking Glass
Rating: NR
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