Married With Children: The Complete Fifth Season

DVD Reviews | Jun 25th, 2006

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Starring Ed ONeill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate, David Faustino, Amanda Bearse, Ted McGinley
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Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
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The Bundy’s are back for Season five featuring some of the series best episodes! Starring Ed O’Neill as Al Bundy, the blundering shoe salesman with a bank account draining wife, Peg (Sagal) and their two ingrate children, Bud (David Faustino) and Kelly (Christina Applegate), the family is up to their usual no-good. You can’t beat the season where the family tries to go on a vacation, Marcy (Amanda Bearse) marries Jefferson (Ted McGinley), spending the summer in the supermarket and finding gold.

I remember watching the first episode “We’ll Follow The Sun” on TV back in the day, and thinking to myself, when I start working there is no way I’m going through what this family did in the episode. It’s Labor Day and Al’s actually not working at the shoe store, so he decides to throw the family into the car and head out onto the open road in search of the Great American Weekend. To this day, I have a made an effort, because of this outrageous episode, to stay the hell home on holiday weekends. Who wants to sit in traffic and stare at cars? You can do that any other day during the week. The Bundy’s have inspired me to be a hermit. Let me tell you though, the episode is hilarious, as are most of the episodes during Season Five. Al gets a visit from Aliens; Marcy wakes up with a strange man in her bed and ends up married to boot, as well as my favorite episode, You Better Shop Around. In this two part episode Al gets an air conditioner after much complaining from the family but it’s just not any air conditioner. It’s some giant piece of German machinery which in turn, knocks out the power to the neighborhood. Forced to escape the summer heat, the family takes up shelter in the frozen food section at the supermarket. Upon the realization that the store is onto them they actually buy something… a piece of gum. The result is them winning a supermarket shopping spree, but the kicker is, it’s against Marcy and Jefferson, since they cut them in line. The 2nd part of the episode is actually better than the 1st part. Right after those episodes, another two part episode takes them out west for a Convention and their lousy car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Eventually it takes them out to a mine, in search of Gold. Seeing the Bundys & D’arcys going crazy for gold and willing to kill each other for it is hilarious! They are brilliant episodes. Other episodes I love is when Al & Kelly stay home for the weekend and Kelly ends up getting sick. Al has to take care of her, and she keeps ruining his wild dreams involving Pamela Anderson wearing practically nothing. Yeah you can see why I like that episode. Another one I like is when Al loves this oldie song and doesn’t know who the song is by, and only knows the chorus of it. “Go With hiiimmmm.” But I think the series tends to slowly go downhill after this season, but there are still many funny episodes to be seen on DVD!

My only gripe with the series is the annoying studio audience cheers and jeers, laughs, laugh track noise in the background. Yes, I understand it’s a comedy and the show needs laugh but it gets distracting at times. It can suck especially when you hear the same laughs each episode. I think they purposely had the cheering & hollering and it took a life of its own. The characters on the show everybody has come to laugh and hate, and the writers definitely build them up to fan response, while making the core of the cast better with quicker, nastier comebacks to each other. Al and Peggy’s chemistry is great and only gets better each season. The kids have grown up by this point and get into more mature storylines. The result is more risqu episodes and fans love it more for that reason. There aren’t any extras on the DVD but the episodes are worth buying alone. If you are a fan of the show, this season shouldn’t be overlooked.


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Favorite Scenes: Well Follow the Sun, Married… With Who? You Better Shop Around 1 & 2, Route 666 1 & 2, Married with Aliens, Oldies but Young ‘Uns
Rating: NR
Running Time: 575 minutes
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