Modern Family: The Complete Seventh Season

DVD Reviews | Oct 8th, 2016

Modern Family: The Complete Seventh Season
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Starring: Julie Bowen, Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Eric Stonestreet, Ty Burrell, Nolan Gould, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Rico Rodriguez, , Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter
Created By: Christopher Lloyd, Steven Levitan
Studio: 20th Century Fox
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The latest Modern Family is currently airing but if you want to catch up on the show, the 7th season just released the DVD for the hit show. While Modern Family still offers up plenty of laughs, it’s not as good as it used to be.

The 7th season continues where we left off from season 6. Haley realizes she has feelings for Andy, but it’s back & forth for awhile if they will or won’t get together. Alex is off to college and deals with trying to have a relationship in college and being homesick. Jay & Gloria deal with sending Joe to preschool and finding the right school. Cam and Mitchell struggle financially after Mitch gets laid off. They decide to rent the upstairs space in their house. Gloria & Cam have a sauce product that is doing well, thanks to Gloria’s provocative ads. Manny and Luke are old enough to try to get in on the dating game as well. There’s not a lot of overall themes for the season, besides what I described above.

This is probably the first time that I thought the show was started to decline. It’s still a good show and I laugh a lot of the time, I just think the show is starting to lose it’s momentum. Veep and other shows are just funnier now, and the show’s format and writing seems stagnant to me. I’m not exactly in a rush to watch the show like I have been in the past. I could also be that I’m a parent now so it’s tough to sit down and watch TV whenever I want. But with that all said, there’s still plenty of episodes on here to make you laugh. I particularly liked episode 7, “Phil’s Sexy, Sexy House.” The episode is about Phil trying to sell Cam & Mitchell’s friend’s sexy house. All the family members end up sneaking in there for fun but do it all at the same time. The results are pretty funny. The “Crazy Train” episode was fun since it took place on a train. Phil and Cam harass an author that they love and it’s probably a homage to people harassing George R.R. Martin to write the next Game of Thrones book.

The DVD contains a couple of featurettes, deleted/alternate scenes and an extended version of the episode “Thunk in the Trunk.” At this point, I’ve bitch enough about it but I’ll bring it up again. How come studios are releasing just DVDs and not Blu-Ray for TV series anymore? We watch these episodes in HD, at least offering a digital HD code if you’re going to do DVDs.

Modern Family is still a funny show, it’s just not the funniest one on TV anymore. If you like to collect all the seasons and happy with the DVD format, then sure get this. I’d rather own them in HD though.


Storming The Set: The Making Of An Episode
Growing Up Modern Family: Kids In The Spotlight.
Deleted Scenes and Alternate Scenes
Extended Versions Of “Thunk In The Trunk”

English Dolby Digital 5.1

Widescreen 1.78:1 Color

Bottom Line: This season was decent but not as good as previous seasons
Running Time: 499 mins
Rating: NR
Extras Rating:
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