MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge Season 1

DVD Reviews | Oct 24th, 2006

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Starring Victor Wilson, Christopher Darga, John Cervenka, Mary Scheer, Shingo Yanagisawa
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Studio: Magnolia Home Entertainment
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I remember watching MXC very early on before everyone got wind of it. I loved the show and thought it was a great take on an old Japanese game show. Besides seeing endless amounts of people hurting themselves on TV, the dubbed commentary is what makes this reality game show so hysterical! But it’s also seeing people getting hurt badly…

The Most Extreme Challenge is on Spike TV and the footage is from old Takeshi’s Castle overdubbed with hilarious commentary by Americans. The premise of the show is you have 2 teams competing against each other, and there are several events that they play. You get points if you actually finish the event. The other point to the show is you have a bunch of people trying to stop you from finishing the game. They want to see you hurt, limping, screaming in pain and they don’t want you to finish…period. Even though it’s just a game show, they really just want to laugh at you and see you in pain. The characters trying to stop you finishing the game are part of the show and are a bunch of weird characters as well. You got some guy that’s dressed up like a Aborigine, or some guy in a bee suit. There’s just a bunch of wacky people on this show. The game is hosted by Kenny Blankenship & Vic Romano and they are quite goofy. They dress up in colorful Samurai gear and constantly make jokes and smack each other with little sticks. Some of the games you might see on MXC feature games called Log Drop, Sinkers and Floaters, Wall Bangers, Pole Riders, Door Slammer and lots of other funny names. At the end of the MXC version, Kenny Blankenship highlights all the most painful eliminations of the game and it’s the best part of the TV show. It’s hysterical because he keeps replaying the footage of people getting hurt over and over again. That’s pretty much what the show is about it.

After I saw this show for the first time, I immediately wanted to watch more! I don’t know if there is anything more funny than seeing people get hurt, especially in these types of situations. This show is like The Price Of Right where you want to see certain games come up because you enjoy what it does to people. It’s sort of like that movie the Running Man meets Price is Right. Captain Teneal is like Bob Barker and Kenny and Vic are like Rod Roddy. Though they don’t really have any hot Asians in bikinis to replace the Bob Barker girls. Each episode is beyond funny because it’s just normal people falling into mud, banging their heads on rocks, getting run over by giant Indiana Jones-sized boulders, falling off platforms into water, running into walls and lots of amusing things like that. I don’t know which game is my favorite because they are all equally fun to watch. The “Log Drop” is especially funny because the women always have a hard time with that. The guys don’t have it any easier but for some reason it’s always funnier to me when the women fall off that thing. It could be the dubbed voiced pain that comes out of their mouths that makes it funnier. I think one of the reasons why I love this show so much is because I used to do the same thing with the Spanish channel. I’d watch it with my brothers and dub the voices, and it was just a lot of fun to do. So just imagine how funny this show is when you have comedians doing it!

After you watch the shows on the DVD, you can treat yourself to the original Takeshi’s Castle episode that aired in late 80’s. You can watch it with Japanese audio and English subtitles or you can watch it with English audio. It’s still pretty funny to watch because of the people in pain part. Also, there is audio commentary on selected episodes, MXC original sales pitch, and Kenny Blankenship Most Painful Eliminations of the Season. The bonus features weren’t that bad!

I don’t get me wrong, but I love watching people hurting themselves on TV; but I don’t think MXC would be as popular and funny if it wasn’t for the hysterical commentary. The way that they announce the games, and the way each voice-over actor voices the contestants is just too damn funny! There’s no other way to describe it. You just have to see MXC for yourself and witness all the pain these people go through!

Select Episode Audio Commentary
Original Episode of “Takeshi’s Castle”
MXC Original Sales Presentation
Kenny Blankership’s Most Painful Eliminations of the Season

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo CC

Standard 1.33:1 Color


Favorite Scenes: Don’t have any particular favorite episode because I like them all!
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Running Time: 260 minutes
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