Penn & Teller Bullshit: The Complete Third Season

DVD Reviews | Oct 31st, 2006

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Starring Penn Jillette, Teller, People who are full of shit
Written By: Penn Jillette, Teller, Star Price, John McLaughlin, Michael Goudeau, Edward Dean
Directed By: Star Price
Studio: Paramount/ Showtime
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Penn and Teller is a very informative and funny TV show that attacks everything you can imagine. You may or may not agree with everything they discuss, but they sure make it entertaining! Season 3 DVD contains all 13 episodes plus a photo gallery and filmgraphy.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit takes an in-depth look at certain topics that you might find intriguing, sacred, curious about and declares those things complete and utter bullshit! But instead of being a boring show where they just debate with other people, they have a unique way of telling the audience what they think but at the same time, giving the people a chance to say what they want (to an extent). They show both sides of the argument, but you can tell which side they favor. The show is very biased but the people they interview aren’t helping either because the people are usually freakin’ weirdos and idiots. This season, the magical duo attack circumcision, conspiracy theories, life coaching, big brother, gun control, ghost busters, college and even attack Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Dalai Lama. Yes even them! In the world of Penn & Teller Bullshit, no one is safe!

After seeing Penn & Teller Season 3 again, I have to sadly say it’s the weakest of all the seasons. To me, it seems they were starting to run out of topics; or topics that weren’t as strong as ones in the first 2 seasons. This season still has some great episodes and some very controversial subjects as well. I can’t believe they attack Gandhi and people like that in the “Holier Than You” episode. But after seeing, it kind of makes you think why we put certain people on pedestals. If this show teaches you one thing at all, it’s that you should think for yourself and not be a sucker & have people tell you what to do. Even though Penn and Teller pretty much tell you what they think and why it’s bullshit; you still have a choice on what to believe. What makes this show so good is because they go after things you wouldn’t expect like in this season: college or hair. Two topics I wouldn’t put on a list that says are bullshit but the guys pull it off. It’s actually surprising how much bullshit is involved with hair and I just never realized it until now. Everyone is worried about how they look and if they go bald (which I have been lately), and people go to extreme lengths to rectify it. It’s something I worried about it but I’m not gonna go crazy when I go extremely bald. It’s just not that god damn important to spend thousands of dollars for spotty hair that won’t look at good as your normal hair. In the college episode, they talk about why college isn’t really that important and how people survive without it. Noam Chomsky even shows up and gets interviewed, which even Penn & Teller are shocked about!

The ghost busters episode was really funny but you can tell they picked the most retarded people in the paranormal field to represent the “ghost busters”. These people were idiots and they only made themselves more idiotic by appearing on this show. Do these people even realize what kind of show they are on and how they may end up looking? I thought the most powerful episode was the one on conspiracy theories. They went after all the conspiracy people who think the government had something to do with 9/11. You hear from the wildly insane to mildly insane conspiracy theorists, and then you hear from the other side like firefighters who were there on 9/11. I really don’t know what side to believe but my mind tends to disagree with the conspiracy theorists on 9/11. I definitely think they are full of shit when they say stuff like we didn’t land on the moon. The first episode, circumcision, was a little awkward to sit through, for a few reasons. I don’t really want to see babies getting their little fellows’ whacked and especially don’t want old man dropping their trousers to expose their renewed uncircumcised penis. I didn’t think circumcision was that big of deal and everyone had it done nowadays…guess not.

The episodes of season three were hit or miss, some were informative and funny, and sometimes they weren’t that funny. I think the subject manner was weak this time around and wished they picked some better topics to go after. But Penn & Teller are still amusing and very entertaining, even though I may not agree with everything they are saying. They definitely make you scratch your head and make you think about certain things. If you never seen the show before, check out the first and second seasons before watching the third season. They cover better topics and are a lot funnier than the third season. Since I don’t have Showtime anymore, I’m looking forward to seeing Season 4 and seeing what topics they attack this time.

Photo Gallery
Filmographies: Penn & Teller

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Favorite Scenes: Conspiracy theories, big brother, ghost busters, holier than thou, signs of heaven
Rating: NR
Running Time: 360 minutes
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